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Roof Load Calculator - Services & Resources

At SRS, there’s nothing more important to us than our clients' safety and properties. We work hard to optimize safety by employing enhanced predictive monitoring using an advanced roof load calculator. These capabilities empower us to protect buildings of all sizes from heavy snow that can lead to roof collapse. Count on us for:

  • Deflection Alarm System Design
  • DMD Sensor Installation
  • System Operation Monitoring
  • Annual System Review & Inspections
  • Risk Review Evaluations
  • Technical Support & Supervision of Roof Snow Removal Plans
Worker Clearing Snow
Workers Shoveling Snow
Ice Equipment

So Much More than a Snow Scale

Knowing the weight of roof snow is a great start, but it’s not enough to create a truly cost-effective mitigation strategy. That’s why our roof snow monitor (DMD-IP alarm) also provides real-time email alerts, allowing you to organize your snow removal strategy more effectively than ever before. Additionally, our professionals offer personalized support and timely warnings that let you avoid expensive maintenance and the potential for serious workplace danger.

Continuous Confidence  

Our best measure of success has always been the confidence levels of our clients. It’s important to us that our roof monitoring system provides you with total peace of mind. To achieve this, we use a roof load calculator like no other.

Our calculator doesn’t just tell you the current weight of snow; it also employs continuous monitoring and predictive technology to provide you with a long-term view of snowfall trends. This system transmits data over a long time period, meaning you never need to worry about selecting the wrong reading time. Continuous data transmission translates to a reduced probability for danger escalations between load calculations. If the weight of snow on your roof keeps increasing, our system will alert you of the problem before it’s too late. That’s how we provide our clients with certainty and confidence. 

SRS announces the most recent advancement in building monitoring technology with the introduction of the newest generation of touch-screen control panel/data logger. Our new control panel/datalogger has increased capacity, power, and now hosts or supervises our entire suite of sensors. And it's available now for new installations! Contact SRS today for more information on our roof and structural monitoring services and to schedule your own risk review and monitoring system proposal.


Staying informed is the first step in protecting your property. Depend on our team for all the information you need about snow damage mitigation. Take a minute to check out the valuable resources we’ve compiled, including studies, published articles, and product datasheets. These resources will help you understand our approach and navigate technical terms and information. 

Product Guides

Deflection Experts

Our unique expertise in the world of predictive monitoring has allowed SRS to stand out from the crowd. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge needed to maximize the efficacy of your snow removal plans. Don’t hesitate to rely on us for valuable information about deflection monitoring, including the science behind the service. With the right information, you can make the best choice for protecting your property. Contact our deflection experts today to get the conversation started.   

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