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Deflection Monitoring: The Key to Effective Roof Management

Anyone who owns or operates a large facility in a snow-prone area must be aware of the snowfall on their roof. But many individuals are unsure about the specifics of snow monitoring. Take a minute to learn more about our process—deflection monitoring—to see if it is right for you.

Collapsed Warehouse Roof

Understanding the Weight of Snow

For something that's often portrayed as fluffy clouds of winter joy, snow can wreak serious havoc on a roof. The key to understanding the weight of snow is density. However, this idea is easy to understand in principle but complex in practice. Essentially, more water packed into the snow means more weight—even if it looks the same from the outside.

A common way to measure this density is with the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE), which looks at how much of a given sample is comprised of water as opposed to pockets of trapped air. Because this ratio can change quickly, the weight of snow can vary drastically from one day to the next. This frequent change in weight is what makes deflection monitoring the most reliable way to keep your property safe.

Snow Weight Graph

At SRS, we use this technology to send real-time updates that inform you when changes occur. This provides you with a heightened awareness of:

  • Increased Roof Loads Caused By Rain Over Snow
  • Drifting Conditions
  • Effects of Adjacent Structures

Learn more about the measurement of roof snow load by calling our team today.

The SRS Advantage

If you own or manage a property that faces significant snowfall, our deflection monitoring system is a critical investment. Used as the 'reference standard' by experts when observing roof loads, it provides highly accurate e-mail updates that let you plan removal efforts as you need them. The deflection monitoring system features:

  • Increased Accuracy Over Inferential Sampling Techniques
  • Sensors Supervised 24/7 by a Central Control Panel
  • Automatic Real-Time E-Mail Notifications
  • DMD Sensors Mounted Under Roof Deck for Protection from Elements
Ice Rink

Return on Investment

Everyone appreciates saving money. Many SRS customers see a full return on their investment in only one snow season. Investing in a deflection monitoring system isn't just great for your building; it's also great for your bank account.

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